Application projects

Updated: 2013 October 27
FrontEnd Crusher is a CSS, JS minifier and FrontEnd deployment program for windows that I created for mak... Read more
Updated: 2012 September 08
Last project update: Lots of bugs and never used it for the game. I might fix it in the future tho I doubth it. Made this little gold farming calculator for the Diablo 3 launch, but the program could easy be used to other games to. ... Read more
Updated: 2013 October 27
Last update (17.03.2013)Fixed some parsing bugs when parsing HTML to XSLT. Might be more bugs, but it looks like it is more stable now. Added tabbing functionality Added hotkeys Fixed a bug that created... Read more
Updated: 2014 September 06
Introduction The node.js Frontend Deployer is a small little deployment script that i created to make it easy to setup and deploy small webprojects. The script concatinates and minifies all files spesified inside the config file (package... Read more
Updated: 2014 January 27
Download program What is t... Read more
Updated: 2013 October 27
So I know a lot of people have all these different files from all kinds of tv shows on their computer. Some want to rename them, but it's boring and it takes a lot of time to do it manually. To make it easier I created a program in php t... Read more