Nidvardir (PHP)

Website project
24 May 2006

This site was finnished and used for 3 years. But is now longer in use because we stopped playing AoC. But the community is still there through the forum :)

This website is a guildsite that I created for the game Age of Conan (from Funcom).
It have a lot of members, and a really good comunity, so now we only need the game..
You can take a visit and check it out for yourself if you like.

Its all coded in php by mostly myself, but I have had some help from two of my friends up in Narvik.
The web page runs upon a MySQL database, who stores all the members and their member info.

See picture 1 below
When you first enter the site you can see a login option to the lower-left. Here members are able to log in and edit their member info. The login username and password is taken from the forum so the users don't have to do two registrations.
You will also be able to see if we are currently recruiting, and how many members we have.
It's all dynamic, and picked up from the sql database.

See picture 2 below
When your member info is updated it is viewable by everybody from the member page.
This page will pick out everybody that is a member, and show them in a big list.
It will also show the information you entered about yourself, and it should be really easy to edit this as many times as you want to. This way the info will hopefully be up to date all the time, and we would have a nice overview of all our members.

See picture 3 below
Under the guild info button in the menu you can view our guild ranks, medals and also statistic.
The statistic page reads all the members that have updated their info and does a calculation about what classes we could use more of. This way we will have a perfect overview over how our guild structure is working at all time.
And it will be easy to see what kind of members we should be looking for.

See picture 4 below
If the guy who logged in to the site also is a administrator he will have access to the admin page.
There he will be able to change the recruiting state, update players ranks, post news, create a note on a player, and also check for unregistered players.
The unregistered players site count how many days that have gone by since the last login.
This way we will be able to see who of our members that are inactive and won't be playing with us.

Well there you have the main function of the site atm. But I am planing on creating some more things when the game comes closer to launch.
One of my ideas are to create a dkp system, which is included into the sql database that we are allready running.
So this page might get updated with some more functions later on.