Gulltanna (PHP)

Website project
01 January 2012

This website project is a web store that I created for my mom when she became a jeweler.
You can take a visit and check it out for yourself, but the web site is all in Norwegian.

The website is all coded in PHP by myself, and done from scratch. The website uses a MySQL database to store all the products, shopping cart and orders. There is an admin panel to create/update or delete the products. And you are also able to set the highlight products for the frontpage from here. The shopping cart is also connected to Paypal, so that it is possible to pay with credit cards on the webpage.

I first created this web site in 2009, but did a total rework of in 2012 to make the design and functionality better. I still have some tweaks left to do to make it even better. But these tweaks are not that important for the overall functionality. So for now the project is "finished", and I might pick it up in the future when I got time to fix the last small tweaks.