Space Insanity (C#)

School project
26 February 2008

2Dgame (Game Design) :
This hand in was in the course called game design and we were suppose to come up with a game theme, and implement it in a game engine that was distributed from Microsoft's homepage. When we got the game engine it only showed a blue screen, and we then had to put everything into the game and get it to work.

  • I implemented 3 types of levels
  • On each level there are 3 different enemies
  • An overheating system for the guns
  • Two different fire modes
  • A health system
  • 2 different power ups (One gives +1 health, the other one removes all the overheating)
  • 3 different game music's switching between each level
  • Two different playing modes (Easy and Hard)
  • A story that fits the game concept.

Here is some things that I didn't implement, but was planing to do:

  • When the boss dies you the game end and you can restart.
  • Switching between backgrounds from each level.
  • Different weapons (not only fire modes)

I also did a recording on a run that I made on the easy mode (goes faster).
You can watch it under here:

Grade: Didn't get a grade on this hand in, but got an A in this class.

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