The tractor (Other)

School project
23 April 2007


This is the only assignment we had in our openGL class. But its quite big, and we had the same assignment up through the whole year were we just added more things to the same project.

The different winzip's are different versions of the tractor at different stages during the school year.
On our first hand in we only created the tractor and got the coordinate system up and running. The tractor was then able to drive around, and use the shovel.

On our second hand in we were focusing on effects.
Here you can find motion blur effects, fog, reflection, anti aliasing and also textures.

For some weird reason that I'm not sure off the textures don't work on other computers than the one were I created the project. But you can look at the pictures and then I guess you will see what your missing =P

First hand in: A
Second hand in: C

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