My portfolio 2005 (PHP)

Website project
23 June 2005

This is my old portfolio/project website that I started creating back in 2005.

It was first created as a place where I could keep track of my own projects, but with time it has also become a place to show off my finished work.

Over the years I manage to add more functionality, and have now pretty much everything I need. All from a nice admin panel to a ajax todo list. The Ajax todo list keeps automatic track of the project and show how far away I am from completion.

In September 2013 I figured it was time to do a total rework of the site. I used the TDD framework I had created and kept most of the functionality from the old site. For the old code I refactored all the functions to get it to a better code standard and make it fit the TDD framework.

Because of the rewrite/redesign the old page is no longer view able on the internet, but the functionality still lives on in this new website. I have also included some screenshots of the old page below

Have added a picture of the todo list functionality and some screenshots of the old page layout

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