Bill splitter (JScript)

Website project
10 September 2011
The webpage can he found here:

Get help with dividing your money evenly in a group of people

On a lan party and want to pay for the 3 pizzas that are comming?

3 persons only have 200kr. 1 don't have any money on him. 1 pay the rest of 150 kr with creditcard

Now who owns who what?

Thats when this little javascript program comes in!

You have two different calculations to split the money

The Fixed prices is created for pizza orders, restaurant bills and so on where everyone have a different total amount to pay. If you can't pay everything this will help you keep track of who owe who money. It also helps you to divide an amount of money on everyone equally (Like driving fee for the delivery, order fee on the package you bought together and so on)

The Even split is used when you all want to pay equally. Like when you all take a taxi trip or you pay a for a guided tour of the city. The average amount tell you how much each should pay for the amount to be split equally. If some can't pay the average amount and others lend out some money this program will help you keep track of who owe who money.

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