Running man (C#)

Game project
20 October 2010

This was a little game project that Stian Dahl, Skjalg Sturlasson Mærhe and me fiddled with over a weekend while drinking beer and having some fun.

We never finished the game, but perhaps we will some time in the future (tho it is not likely).

The game is a copy of Canabalt, but with a little twist. We created the game with a easy level editor to make players be able to create their own levels. The levels can be created in paint with given color codes, and is then recreated ingame as game objects when the game starts.

In the build below you are not able to create your own paint levels tho, because we never got around to create the import functions. But you can see the image below that are currently used to create the map in the game.

When playing the game you should lower your sound, since we didn't tune the sounds to match regular speakers.


Space = Jump

Shift = Charge (Loud sound!!!)

Note: The game is not finished at all, and this is just the current build from where we stopped working on it.

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