TV Show files renamer (C#)

Application project
29 February 2012

So I know a lot of people have all these different files from all kinds of tv shows on their computer. Some want to rename them, but it's boring and it takes a lot of time to do it manually.

To make it easier I created a program in php to do it automatically, but it depended on a local php server to be installed on your computer. So I therefore decided to create the same program in C# to make it easier to use.

In the program you will need to set up the TV-Show name, season, a path to the files location on your machine and a link to IMDB to get the episode names.

It will only be able to rename one season at a time.

You can also set up your own output format in the options. This will be saved to a text file so that it will continue to remember the format the next time you open up the program.

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