Gold Pr Hour/Min Calculator (C#)

Application project
13 May 2012
Last project update: Lots of bugs and never used it for the game. I might fix it in the future tho I doubth it.

Made this little gold farming calculator for the Diablo 3 launch, but the program could easy be used to other games to.

Using this program will make it easier to find the best grind runs/spots ingame, to get the most gold.

When you start up the program you will first need to enter the gold you have in your inventory.
After you then push "Start" it will ask you to leave a comment. This could be the name of your farming spot.
After you exit the comment the counter start, and you are good to go at starting your run ingame.

When you are done, just type in the gold you currently have in your inventory, and you will get your gold pr min/hour.

If you are going away from your computer for a toiletbreak or something you can pause the timer with the pause button.

When you close the program or restart for another run you will be able to save your current GPM/GPH recording. This will make it easy to compare all your spots to find the best place.

Double clicking on a saved row will make you be able to delete it.

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