FrontEnd Crusher (C#)

Application project
09 September 2012

FrontEnd Crusher is a CSS, JS minifier and FrontEnd deployment program for windows that I created for making it easier to compress frontend code before it's put out on the web.

  • Manage multiple website projects
  • Onetime setup for each project, click to run
  • Easily add new files to combine and compress
  • Attach .bat scripts before and after the compressing
    (if you want to do some custom scripting to the files)
  • The Compressor functionality
    • Combine all includes and depends into one file
    • Compressed by the YUI Compressor
    • Progressbar to track status of the running job
    • Error handling
    • Open finished files when done

By removing all the spaces and comments in your CSS/JS file, you can save a lot of KB when you are gonna upload it to your website. This combiner also combine all the css and js includes/imports together to one file so you don't longer need so send multiple http requests on a page load.

Obs, might still be some bugs!

There are a lot of minifiers out there. But they are usually run through the windows consol panel or through ruby/java. I wanted a windows application that could do the same thing but faster through a GUI. I also wanted some way to easy add custom scripts to the deployment process. (An .exe, open and run program, that can handle multiple websites).

The project is running on top of the Yahoo YUI Compressor, that do all the minifing. My code is handling the multiple files combined to one issues, make it possible to attatch .bat scripts before and after the compressing job and creating/manage new projects/files to compress setup.
Link to the added YUI Compressor download site

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