FlagCity Brew (PHP)

Website project
20 November 2012

My beer brewing webpage

In September 2012 I started brewing beer for the first time. And I soon realized that I needed a website for my beer recipes where I could note down the good and bad results.

I set it up on a sub folder on this web server called /brew/ and used this as my new brewing site.

The website was set up as easy as possible in the beginning, just in case I later wanted to move it. It is all file structured on the server, without any database-setup at all. It is basically just one folder for each brew batch containing a php file with an array of brew info. This is then parsed and showed correctly as HTML. All the listing of brews are done by reading files located on the web server and showing links to the correct files.

As time have went by I have added some more functionality on top of what I started with:

  • Calculates automatically the total amount of beer brewed and shown in the header.
  • Local rating for the beer on the website (stored as txt files on the server).
  • Total overview table on the main page showing all my beers together.
  • Integrated my website to untappd.com to show links and rating.
  • Added RSS feed from untappd.com about what people are drinking.
  • Admin panel to write reviews and notes during bottling and storage.

The page is 100% responsive and works well on all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile). This is done mainly because I usually have my phone out when brewing.