Screen Shooter (C#)

Application project
23 April 2013

What is this?

Screenshooter is a program I created for making it easier to test CSS and JS frontend releases. When lot of small changes happens on the web with CSS and JS tweaks you can pretty fast end up in a situation where you fix one thing that breaks something else. With this program you can have more control of your frontend release as you take screenshots of desired webpages before and after a release and compare it.

The screenshot capture program is created in C# with Selenium webdriver framework, while the comparer is a Windows Application in C# with GUI.

The program is also created with responsive pages in mind so it will default capture three types of images (desktop, tablet and mobile) for each webpage. This can be turned off in the config file

Some of the cool features:

  • Easy to add/remove pages you want to capture in the links.txt file
  • Config.txt file for the capture program to easy tweak what it should do
  • Screenshots are captured hierarchic correct from the website in folders
  • Capture three screenshot for each page (Desktop, Tablet and Mobile)
  • Possibility to tweak the bytesize you want to allow in difference
  • Drag and drop folders to compare
  • Two image modes when comparing: Normal and Scale
  • Start/Stop of Auto toggle between new/old image so you can easier see what have changed
  • Percent bar for how many of the image differences you have viewed
  • Open url button to look at the actual page
  • Use the arrows to go back and forth. Left/Right = forward/back, Up/Down = jump to next difference/jump back to previous difference.
  • Automatically sorted with the highest byte difference first


The idea should be credited to Espen Schulstad who first created a little capture program in java with Selenium that could be run from command line. I liked the idea and took it to the next level with easier setup and GUI integration for Windows.

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