AioTDD Framework (PHP)

Website project
20 June 2013

All in One - TDD custom framework.

This is my custom made PHP framework that helps me create responsive webpages fast and easy.

I have no plans on distribute it, since I don't have time to maintain it on a professional level.

It is a 100% custom build (super lightweight) PHP framework that is built around plugins and test driven development (TDD). This means that you create modules/plugins in php/javascript/css that you can easily copy around to other projects and start using at once. All the plugins are automatically loaded on run time, and you don't have to do any coding to use the loaded modules.

You also have the option to creating test files for the PHP and javascript modules. The test framework and the created test files is automatically loaded and executed when entering the urls /js/test/ or /php/test/.

Here are some of the plugins that I have currently created:

  • WebFramework plugin - for setting up the framework
  • Database plugin - for connecting and doing queries
  • User plugin - with login form functionality
  • Email plugin - sending emails
  • Menu plugin - create a basic menu
  • Image plugin - upload images to server
  • Time plugin - manipulate/calculate time strings
  • Text plugin - text manipulation
  • Date plugin - date manipulation

Over time I will hopefully get a nice and big collection of plugins, that will make it very easy to prototype and create new websites.

And I will hopefully only need to create a functionality once.

If you want a demo you can just click around :) This website is run on the same framework with some special project modules.