Responsified Online.no (Frontend/Backend)

Work related project
19 August 2013

The project scope

This was a work project that I worked on from 19.08.2013 to 24.10.2013 together with another developer, a graphical designer and an interaction designer.

The project wanted a quick delivery of a responsive website, together with a brand new redesign of the entire portal. To be able to deliver all this on time we merged the online code base together with telenor.no. This would help us to with our time schedule since we could reuse most of the framework and components already created. But it would also help with later maintenance since the two portals got connected.

The work

Even tho we could reuse a lot of stuff from telenor.no, we had to create some new components.
These were:

  • Tiles for the front/sub-pages with a fluid design
  • Email login
  • Google search
  • New header and footer with graphical design changes
  • News links

The most work went into the tiles component that we created with javascript to make it totally fluid over multiple columns. The header also needed a lot of work to get the search and menu integration to work properly.

The finished result

All in all we ended up with a good result that everyone was happy with. We experienced some problems during release, but those were quickly fixed together with some other graphical bugs.