Responsified Telenor.no (Frontend/Backend)

Work related project
31 July 2012

The project scope.

This was a project that ran from 01.04.2012 to 01.05.2013, with me and two other developers, one interaction designer, and one graphical designer. Our goal with this project was to create a brand new website for telenor.no from scratch. The hope was that the new site would be easier to maintain, and be responsive for tablet and mobiles. To try to make it easier to maintain we ended up with one code base for both the consumer and business website. And we also created it so that more websites could connect on the responsive code in the future.

The work.

We started to work hard on the framework and structure, and started soon on the frontpage. In the middle of October 2012 the frontpage was released and it recived good feedback.

We then continued our work with creating all the other components needed for the sub pages. And in December we changed and released all the pages related to mobile subscriptions.

From December to May we did the last bit, creating some customer support and campaign components.

The finished result.

All in all we created around 30 different responsive components that the editors can use when building a webpage. The project got great feedback and things were released with very few bugs. The web editors were also happy with the new solution since it made it easier for them to create the custom layout for the pages that they wanted by using the different building blocks.