Designstretch on Telenor.no (Frontend/Backend)

Work related project
01 March 2014

The project scope

This was a project that ran from 05.11.2013 to 03.03.2014, and contained me as a devloper, one interaction designer, two graphical designers and one project owner. Our goal with the project was to take the design and brand on telenor.no more towards the known Telenor colors, while also making the site easier for the users to use.

The work

To do this we redesigned and recreated the header, footer, frontpage and product overview pages with blue and cleaner colors. We included the tiles on the frontpage that was previously made on online.no, but with a lot of telenor changes to make them support all the needs that telenor.no had. We redesigned and recreated the entire product table to make it easier to compare products, especially on mobile view.

The finished result

On the beginning of Mars 2014 we released the new redesign on 6 different telenor portals

  • telenor.no/privat/
  • telenor.no/bedrift/
  • telenor.no/om/
  • telenor.no/openmind/
  • telenorfusion.no
  • online.no (new footer)

The new design was released without much bugs, and we recived good feedback from telenor.