Movie Database (PHP)

Website project
19 June 2008

This project was scrapped since it wasn't used. But atleast I leared a lot :)

Most of the people in my family have passion for movies, and that's the reason why I created this website. It is a closed community for my family and friends where they can public out their movies, discuss, rate and also ask to borrow the movie. Its a project that I created in my spare time and I am very pleased with the result.

The web page is located at: movie.gulltanna.com.
But as I said, its a closed community so you won't be able to see much =) (Gonna try to show you some here tho)

The web page is coded in php, and runs upon a MySQL database which store all the data input from the users. The page is also written in Norwegian because its only created for the people around me.

See picture 1 below
When you first enter the site you only get to see the login option and an link to where you can register yourself. The password and username is stored in the MySQL table and the password gets MD5 decrypted.

See picture 2 below
But this new user won't be able to login before an admin have given the user permission to log in.
From the admin page you are able to decide if the user will be able to just view all the movie lists, or if he also should have access to create his own movie list where he can put in his own movies.

See picture 3 below
When you now are able to log in different thing might happen. Every time you log in a date is stored for your user. When you then log in the next time he takes out that date for your last log in and compare the date to every new things that have happened on the site. So if some new movies have been created, or some new comments have been posted you will get this up first.
This way you can easily get a total overview over everything that's happening on the site, and you don't have to browse the entire site and try to remember if this is something new, or old stuff.

See picture 4 below
If there are no new stuff on the site you get transported directly to either your movie page (If you have permission to post your own movie), or all the movies in the entire database.
You can change which user list you want to browse from by selecting the user from the drop down list.

See picture 5 below
How the tables are viewed can also be changed from the top, by checking off more options. When you then press the button a new table is created with the options you chose. This way you can order the list view the way you want it, and you can browse the things that you find interesting about the movie. Maybe you want to know the quality of the movie, or maybe you want to know the rating that's given by the users on the page. You also have the possibility to search for a film title.
This search is a standard MySQL search and therefore not the best way to do it, but it does the job in most cases.

See picture 6 below
If you click on one of the movie names in the list you get up a total overview of that movie. Here you can also create comments for this specific movie and give out your rating. (I had to log in with a new user to show this rating system, because since I am the owner of this movie I have already given a vote when the movie was created.)
When you have given a vote with your user you aren't allowed to vote again for that movie. This way the votes should be as real as they could be, and not destroyed by someone double or triple voting on the same movie.

See picture 7 below
If the admin have giver your user the right permissions to post a movie, then a link with Add new movie, edit movie and delete movies will pop up on the menu. He can choose what ever action he want's to do. If he choose to create a new movie a form with the necessary information about the movie pops up.

See picture 8 below
If the user decides to edit or delete a movie. He have to first pick the movie from the drop down list. The movies displayed in this list is only the movies that the user has created.

So this is a short overview over this web page, and its main functions. I won't give out the code I used to this project, because that may cause some breach in the security. But if you got some questions about this project, then just ask me either by email/msn: marius_flagstad@hotmail.com