Website projects

Updated: 2013 November 05
All in One - TDD custom framework. This is my custom made PHP framework that helps me create responsive webpages fast and easy. ... Read more
Updated: 2013 October 27
The webpage can he found here: www.mflagstad.com/billsplitter/ Get help with dividing your money evenly in a grou... Read more
Updated: 2014 January 30
My beer brewing webpage www.mflagstad.com/brew/ In September 2012 I started brewing beer for the first time. And I soon realized that I neede... Read more
Updated: 2013 November 18
This website project is a web store that I created for my mom when she became a jeweler. You can take a visit and check it out for yourself, but the web site is all in Norwegian. ... Read more
Updated: 2013 October 27
This was an easy signup website that I created for the office Christmas party in 2009. I reused the signup webpage that I had created for the Kickoff, and reworked the design. This site also have an admin section showing a statistic of wha... Read more
Updated: 2013 October 27
This was a little signup web site that I did for my work place in 2009. The most work went into the design, css. The backend code was just a post to a database to store input. I also created a internal overview site for the people arrangin... Read more
Updated: 2012 September 09
This is a norwegian webpage that I set up for Sølvi Raknem at the end of 2011. I created the framework and layout/design from scratch, and connected it all with CushyCMS (awesome stuff) to make it easier to update without my help.... Read more
This project was scrapped since it wasn't used. But atleast I leared a lot :) Most of the people in my family have passion for movies, and that's the reason why I created this website. It is a closed community for my family and friends... Read more
Updated: 2013 October 27
This is my old portfolio/project website that I started creating back in 2005. It was first created as a place where I could keep track of my own projects, but with time it has also become a place to show off my finished work. Over... Read more
Updated: 2014 October 21
Portfolio website remake In winter 2013 I created a new responsive remake of you portfolio website (with new design). I used my newly created TDD framework to remake the website, and it made it go much smoother and faster than pl... Read more
Updated: 2013 October 27
This site was finnished and used for 3 years. But is now longer in use because we stopped playing AoC. But the community is still there through the forum :) This website is a guildsite that I created for the game Age of Conan (from Fun... Read more
Updated: 2016 September 12
The random character picker for board games Go to the character picker This project was something I created since I love board... Read more